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PuristSPro was our home for many years; a meeting place for informed and opinionated discussion about all things watches, cars or fine foods.


Times and circumstances changed and PuristsPro was not immune. The management separated, and PuristSPro was retired graciously with fond memories. Thomas Mao, Melvyn Teillol-Foo and Anthony Tsai still own the the PuristSPro name.


We support


Luxe178 is a new watch and lifestyle community under the leadership of Magnus Bosse and Nilo Mismetti. Luxe178 revives the romantic idea of passionate, informed and cultivated discourses on fine watches and lifestyle (including wine, food, travel, automotive and audio).


The remaining team continue as WatchProSite:


We wish them all the best for their future path.


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Best regards,


Thomas, Melvyn and Anthony.



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